Quicklokplate for MX30/SMX30 by Betz-Tools

  • Maxima MX/SMX30 Camera Quicklokplate
  • Quick and Easy Camera mounting
  • Super fast weight balance of any camera on the Maxima
  • Super flat and 100% vibrationless

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Approved Betz-Tools QuickLok system
Vibrationfree and sturdy. Minimum loss of height only 10 mm compared to the original.
For/Aft and Side by Side adjustment
For quick and easy camera setup, weight balance and lens exchange.
Universal Camera Dovetailplate
Effects also a quick swap over to tripods, shouldermounts, Steadicams® or any other camera support.
Cameramounting via 3/8“ or 1/4“ screws.
Optimized for:
ARRI: Alexa, Alexa Mini, AlexaM, Amira
RED: Epic, Scarlet, Raven, Weapon
Black Magic: URSA, URSA Mini
Lightweight Sony, Canon or DSLR cameras will need adjustable spacers in height like Manfrotto etc.
Adjustable lightweight support adapter with 15 mm rods for lens support (long and heavy lenses) or remote lensmotors etc.


Weight plus 2 oz / 50 g
Systemheight 4.4" / 10 mm