Desk 2010
Sunbird 2005
Twister 2004
Aladin 2001
RIG 1999
Fox 1997
Genio 1992
BlueArt 1989

Vita Christian Betz

1976 The Steadicam is introduced into the US market by the inventor Garrett Brown
1977 A. Chrosziel is first to launch Steadicam in the German market.
1978 Christian Betz takes over the Steadicam Department at A. Chrosziel.
1980 Christian Betz comes out with the first line of Steadicam accessories made for AC
1991-2006 Steadicam Workshops held by Garrett Brown, Ted Churchill. Organisation: Chr. Betz
1992 GENIO – The legendary wireless lens remote control. Design: Chr. Betz
1997 Fox - The analog wireless lens remote-control. Design: Chr.Betz
1999 The RIG – Design: Chr. Betz
  (born out of the collapsed Steadicam Manufacturer Cinema Products in LA.)
2001 ALADIN – The digital wireless lens remote-control. Design: Chr. Betz
2003 DigiFox - The digital one channel wireless lens remote-control. Design: Chr. Betz
2005 SUNBIRD – The first LCD Monitor for Steadicam use. Design: Chr. Betz
2007 BTM Digital Lensmotor for remote-controls (C-motion, Chrosziel). Design: Chr. Betz
2008 Das "RIG" HD for all new upcoming cameras. Design: Chr. Betz
2009 BTM Can Motor and Schnitte (stand alone motors). Design: Chr. Betz
2010 "Stick" HighTech Joystick Zoomcontrol for Steadicam. Design: Chr. Betz
2011 Piano first Remote Head with direct drive Motors, Noiseless, Backlash-free
2011 Remote Desk, designed with Operators for Operators
2012 23. International Steadicam Workshop with new Concept for the next Generation
2013 24. International Steadicam Workshop , awarding the first "Lords of Steadicam" awards to Garrett Brown and Larry McConkey
2014 Gimbal Maxima MX30 from the Company FoMa we madeit ready for the market.
2015 New Concept "Schnitte", CAN Contr. Panel and CAN Motor. The Projekt "Wave" will be presented.