BTM CAN Motors by Betz-Tools

BTM CAN17 Mini / BTM CAN23 - Digital Lens Motor

  • Integrated electronic, precise, small and speedy but lightweight
  • BTM CAN23 has double the power of BTM CAN17
  • Everywhere where size and weight is an important question
  • For cameras on gimbals like MX30, handheld or Steadicam® etc.
  • Fully compatible to all control devices via Betz-Tools Schnitte

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The BTM CAN motors have an integrated intelligent electronic, which can link "X" BTMCAN motors in a row via one thin flexible BUS cable (daisy-chain). The motor can be configurated via switches as a focus, iris or zoom motor. Endstops and other lens parameters are automatically stored in the motor via pushing the buttom „Test“.
BTM CAN Motors
Are especially developed for stabilized Gimbals like MX30, Mövi, Ronin or 3D-Rigs on Steadicam®, remote heads, where weight, small size and easy wiring is a must. The integrated intelligent electronic eliminates external receivers with a lot of unflexible cables and weight.
Fully compatible
To all control devices from different manufacturers via Betz-Tools Schnitte and B-CAN BUS.
- In height adjustable mounting clamp for 15 and 19 mm rods.
- The Motor comes with four gears (modul 0.4 Fujinon Iris - 0.5 Canon/Angenieux - 0.6 Fujinon Focus - 0.8 Cine Style)
- Can be mounted backlash free on both sides of the motor.


Torque BTMCAN17 Mini: 0.7 Nm max. / BTMCAN23 1.9 Nm max.
Operating Voltage 10 - 36 Volt
Connectors 2 x Lemo 0B 4pol. (B-CAN)
Size BTMCAN17 Mini: 4“ x 2“ x 1“ / 102 x 50 x 26 mm / BTMCAN23: 14.8“ x 2“ x 1“ / 123 x 50 x 26 mm
Weight BTMCAN17 Mini: 7oz / 190 g
Weight BTMCAN23: 90z / 260 g