Piano Remote Head by Betz-Tools

  • Silent
  • Backlashfree and jerkfree
  • Long lens
  • Slip ring also for HD-SDI
  • Triax / LWL converter
  • One digital control bus
  • Long cable distance
  • Also wireless control
  • Measurement and weight
  • Service / low-maintenance
  • Mitchell mount
  • Remotedesk / PanHandle control

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Piano the first remote head with high precision and noiseless directdrive torque motors.
No backlash, no service, quick center of gravity camera adjustment, smooth start and stop even at very low speeds and with long lenses.
The most compact remote head Piano, can be converted very quick on the tilt axis via extension to the Piano XL.
Working in "underslang-mode" is no problem.
Power and datalines as well as HD-SDI signal feeds through both axis via slip rings.
Canon, Fujinon and Angenieux lenses are easily controlled via their serial or analog protocol. Lenses without motor are controlled via an external CAN motor. The telemetry of the cameras is controlled via the P-Bus.
Just one line for CAN-Bus to the Piano remote control desk for up to 500 meters (1,640 ft) of distance. With repeater up to 1.000 meters
(3,280 ft). All Piano remote and camera control datas in one signal line.
The HD-SDI videosignal is feed through two (40GHz) slip-rings. Triax or LWL signals can be converted on the in/outputs.
The Piano Remotehead is powered via 48 Volt, 12 Volt (15Amp.). Will be converted in the tiltaxis to power cameras and accessories.
The powerconsumption of the Piano remote head without camera is about 2 - 4 Amp.
User designed remote desk, simple to use, removable haptic joystick elements etc. A "PanHandle" version is in development.
Wheels and Flycontrol by Betz-Tools can be also integrated. Customized hard and software is optional.


Weight 12 kg (26.5 lbs) XL 14 kg (30.8 lbs)
Weight Camera load weight max. 25 kg (56 lbs)