CAN Wheels by Betz-Tools

A Part of the most Sophisticated CAN Toolset

CAN Wheels Super compact Handwheel remote unit wire or wireless for use as Pan - Tilt - Rollaxis control on Gimbals or Remoteheads.

  • Precise control of the Pan/Tilt/Roll axis with balanced handwheels
  • Each handwheel unit can be used seperately
  • Easy to assemble in any position on most accessories and subsurfaces
  • Electronic speed and damping adjustment of the wheels
  • Switchable turn direction of the wheels
  • Config switches for quick and easy setups no time waisting setup via menu
  • Mechanical brake
  • Heavy duty lightweight aluminum housing
  • Wheels Heavy stainless steel and balanced

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The most multifunctional hightech and modular remote handwheel control
For use on stabilized Gimbals like Maxima SMX30 / MX30, Dj Ronin, Mövi etc. or Remote Heads. The handwheel units can be mounted in any position and angle to each other thanks to their modularity as well as on any subsurface like tables, boxes, tripods etc. via 3/8" or 1/4" screw.
It is possible to control nearly any Gimbal or Remotehead via the interface unit Schnitte HF wire or wireless. (400Mhz / 800Mhz / 900Mhz / 2.4Ghz). Customized adaption onto various devices is possible. Only the pin outs and protocols of the bus are required.
Thanks to Matthias Uhlig Camera Obscura Media for the basic Idea and the assignment for beneficial use.


Operating Voltage 10 - 35 Volt DC
Connectors Lemo 0B
Weight Unit: 13 oz / 380 g - Wheel 29 oz / 830 g
Weight one axis 3 lbs / 1,3 kg
Inputs / Outputs B-CAN
Power consumption each unit ca. 35mA