Stick by Betz-Tools

STICK Ultimate Zoomcontrol for HD / ENG lenses and external motors on RIG, PRO System, MK-V, Tiffen Steadicam®

  • For Fujinon, Canon and Angenieux ENG-lenses.
  • With the Interface "Schnitte" also for external digital lens servo motors.
  • Various kinds of joystick nops available.
  • Design aluminium anodized and painted.

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Electronic fluid zoom especially for use with Steadicam®
Basic use is on the RIG, PRO System, MK-V, Tiffen Steadicam® "Joke" or on tripod panhandles. All standard diameters can be operated. The subminiatur joystick is manufactured for aerospace applications which means it is in charge of the high retail price. The ergonomically shaped housing allows you to have a relaxed thumb for controlling the zoom in a super fluid way. The push direction horizontally or vertically and also the zoom turn direction can be selected via push buttons. Zoomspeed and response pressure can be variable controlled.


Operating Voltage power via ENG Lens
Connectors Lemo ser.00B 4pin
Size 3.1" x 1.6" x 3.7" - (8 cm x 4 cm x 9,5 cm)
Weight 0.6 lbs (260 g)
For post dia from 1" up to 1.5" - (25 mm up to 29 mm)